Global Trade & Innovation


Global Trade Innovation is a UAE-based company belonging to an international group founded in Monaco in 1961.

We began and are still involved in the oil and gas sector and quickly expanded into a group of companies that generate energy for life.

We are partners in oil and gas refineries and have entities that supply crude and refined petroleum products in the industry.

Our international import and export operations are meticulously designed to transcend borders and offer efficiency at every step.

From the initial procurement of products to the final delivery destination, our team ensures a streamlined and compliant process.

Our expertise

Our Expertise in the Energy Industry

As an expert company in the industry, we focalise on delivering our commercial clients a complete service in the understanding of this complex industry. 

We do not simply deliver fuel and gas, but we maintain our ethics of work and our procedures

Providing companies the full process of acquisition or sales of petroleum products gives us the exclusivity to be an entity that does not only work on these huge commercial transactions but aims to share its knowledge and expertise.

Being in the directory board of many varied, well valorized companies gives us the opportunity to always be active in the oil & gas trade sector and especially, always be cautious on our portfolio of investments.   

We are a company that considers the actual societal challenges and is always willing to adapt and face these environmental issues with innovative methods that enable us to commercialize our products in more eco-friendly conditions.

Services provided

Navigating the complexities of international trade requires a strategic and well-executed approach to import and export operations.

Oil & Gas​

We trade a range of different crude oil, light-ends, middle distillates, and heavy-ends.

All of theses are sourced and aggregated to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Power & Renewable​

Our commitment to renewable energy is reflected in our active involvement in trading Power, Gas, and Emissions to advance our trading endeavors in energy transition fuels.

Metal & Minerals​

Our collaboration with mining companies, smelters, retailers of refined metals, utilities, and manufacturers makes us a prominent trader in metals and minerals.